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2. Soami (1472-1525) (attr. to)
Rainy landscape
Seals: Shinsô
Technique: sumi on paper 25,5 x 35,7
Mounting: green and orange brocade and brown damask
ivory rollers, 115 x 49,5
Box: double box with a kiwame fude, authorised in 1857 by Kanô Shôsen-in (1823-1880)
Condition: very good

Sōami was the grandson and son of the painters and art connoisseurs Nōami and Geiami, respectively, and like them was in charge of the art collection of the Ashikaga shoguns (military dictators of the Ashikaga clan that ruled Japan from 1338 to 1573).

Sôami is an outstanding figure in the history of Japanese aesthetics. He was a Japanese painter, art critic, poet, landscape gardener, and master of the tea ceremony, incense ceremony, and flower arrangement.

In painting Soami followed the style of Mu Qi Fachang (1210?-1269)

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