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Ôhara Donshû (?- 1857)
Playing shishi lions
Signed: Donshû
Seals: Hi .. ritchô
Technique: sumi on paper 122,4 x 26,6
Mounting: green damask
ivory rollers, 198 x 39
Condition: near fine

The representation of so-called shishi came originally from Persia. The motif reached Japan via China and Korea. Shishi were believed to have powerful protective powers: Hokusai painted one every day during the last seven years of his life.

Donshû was born in Awa. He went to Kyôto where he was adopted by the important government official Õhara Donkyô (1761-1810). Like his father, Donshû received his training from the Shijô-style painter Shibata Gitô (1780-1819). He was well acquainted with the bunjin Nukina Kaioku (1778-1863), who also came from Awa.

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Price: EUR 1,000 / USD 1,090