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20. Suzuki Kiitsu (1796-1858)
haiga / Rimpa
Chidori, plover
Signed: Kiitsu Niwa heidai
Seals: Niwabyôshi
Technique: sumi on paper 101,5 x 28,5
Date: 1839, New Years day
Mounting: orange damask
dark wooden rollers, 179,5 x 39,5
Box: authorised by Chikutei
Condition: stains

The poem, a haiku reads: 先ひとつ点を打たり初千鳥

Mazu hitotsu ten o uchitari hatsuchidori

First there is one,
just a speck,
the first plover [of the year]. (HK)
Probably his first calligraphy for the New Year.

Kiitsu was the son of a dyer from Ômi province. In 1813, after his father had moved his shop to Edo, Kiitsu started to study painting with Sakai Hôitsu (1761-1828). After Hôitsu had arranged Kiitsu’s marriage in 1817, he was adopted into the Sakai family.
Hôitsu was the stimulating force in the revival of the Rimpa school after Ogata Korin (1658-1716). He adopted Kiitsu, who worked as his general assistant. After Hôitsu’s death, Kiitsu’s work gained greater independence, and he became a much-respected artist.

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