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37. Okutani Shûseki (1871-1936) & Ôguchi Shûgyo (1864-1920)
Distant snow in the mountains
Signed: Shûseki sha, Shûgyo
Seals: Muho, Shûseki
Technique: sumi on silk 44,3 x 51
Mounting: blue damask and beige silk
wooden rollers, 133,5 x 63
Box: signed
Condition: faintly stained, otherwise good

The waka reads: みやこには / まだまちあへぬ / はつゆきを / やまのあなたの / 山にみるかな

The first snow
We waited for in vain
In the capital
We perceive in the mountains
Behind yonder mountains!

Shûseki was born in Osaka, but lived in Kyoto. He studied with Mori Kansai (1814-1894). At the Young Painters Association under the guidance of Hashimoto Gahô (1835-1908) and Kawabata Gyokushô (1842-1913) he was praised for his paintings. After 1911 he was a winner of prizes at exhibitions and he started his own school.

Araki p. 1315
Aburai p. 89

Ôguchi Shûgyo was a waka poet and calligrapher from Nagoya. He also had the function of official waka poet to the imperial court.

Price: EUR 750 / USD 817