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41. Hashimoto Kaikan (1854-1935)
Nanga /Nihonga
Signed: Kaikan
Seals: Kaikan, Shiga
Technique: sumi and some brown on paper 133,5 x 32,2
Mounting: olive green crushed paper
black lacquered rollers, 200 x 44,2
Condition: creased, otherwise good

The inscription reads: 山泊無似事 / 誰築一樓臺

A sojourn in the mountains can’t be compared with anything,
but who will build a terrace [with a view] here?

[Like Cao Cao did on tthe border of the Zhang river.](HK)

Like his father Hashimoto Bunsui, Kaikan, was a teacher of Confucian classics in the service of the Akashi domain, but he did build a reputation of his own. His opinions on art as well as on scholarly matters were highly valued. Kaikan was known as good poet, an even better calligrapher and as a self-taught painter. He was the father of Hashimoto Kansetsu (1883-1945).

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