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59. Kaji Kiichi (1904-1980)
Modern nihonga
Koi, Carp
Signed: Kiichi
Seals: Kiichi
Technique: brown grey and gold on paper 39,6 x 51
Mounting: beige gold damask and cream silk
bone rollers, 137,5 x 66,2
Condition: a vertical crease, otherwise very good

Kiichi was famous for his paintings of carps. He privately studied under Tsuji Kakô (1870-1931), and at the same time explored Western oil painting techniques. After his graduation from the Kyoto Municipal Special School of Painting, he remained in the School’s research department until 1935. After Kakô’s death in 1931, he came under the influence of Nishimura Goun (1877-1938). In 1940 Kiichi exhibited at the Nitten for the first time and from 1954 he served as an adjudicator.

Aburai p. 105

Price: EUR 1,250 / USD 1,362