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8. Kan Chazan (1748-1827)
Signed: Tokinori
Seals: Tokinori
Technique: sumi on paper 19,9 x 22,2
Mounting: brown damask
ivory rollers, 122 x 29,5
Condition: good

The poem reads: 陸為車 / 水造舟 / 有道路 / 有遊遠

To travel on land, one makes carriages,
To travel on water, one builds ships,
Roads and streets enable us to travel great distances.
(This refers to Xiang Yu in The Records of Sima Qian.)

Chazan, one of the foremost kanshi, ‘Chinese’ poets of his time was the eldest son of a well-to-do farmer from Bingo province. After moving to Kyoto, he studied the Chinese classics, specialising in poetry. His own poetry in Chinese made him famous. He was a teacher since 1801. In Kyoto he was part of the bunjin intellectual community.

Araki 1644
Nagazawa 2331
Sawada 415

Price: EUR 700 / USD 763