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Hanabusa Itchô (1652-1724)
Capital bird, miyakodori
Signed: Hanabusa Itchô sho
Seals: Shinkô noin
Technique: sumi and little colour on paper 33 x 49
Mounting: blue-grey silver damask
123 x 58,7
Condition: good

Itchô was born in Kyoto. At an early age he moved to Edo with his father. It is said that he took lessons with Kanô Tan’yû’s younger brother Yasunobu (1613-1685). Rapidly gaining skill and reputation he became a member of the Kanô family. Living as a bohemian, he was an eminent eyewitness of contemporary life. In 1698 he was banished to the island of Miyake for twelve years, presumably because he had insulted the shogunal family. Most of his surviving works are from the time between his release and his death in 1724.

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