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Kôun Sôryû (1598-1679)
Moon & pines
Signed: Kôun
Seals: Kôun & Sôryû noin
Technique: sumi on paper 99,2 x 17,2
Mounting: cream damask and green silk
167 x 23
Box: inscribed
Condition: very good

The moon is written, the pines are painted

Kôun Sôryû was the son of the famous tea master Kobori Enshû (1579-1647). He became a Rinzai monk at the beginning of the Edo period and was a follower of Kôgetsu Sôgan (1574–1643).He became the 184th generation abbot of the Daitoku-ji where he lived at the Kohôan, a pavilion in the temple precincts built by his father Enshû.

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