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Ishikawa Kansai (1764-1840)
Spring landscape
Signed: nanajû (70) rôjin Kansai
Seals: Keiro & unread (top)
Technique: sumi and some colours on silk 35,2 x 49,4
Date: 1833
Mounting: brown silk
97 x 61,5
Box: authorized by Shakukadô Hanmei
Condition: some wormage, otherwise good

The inscription reads:
A hundred years of vanity have passed
In drunkenness all sorrow has come to a standstill

From a poem by Bai Xiangshan [Bai Juyi (772-846)] and painted in the style of the Mi-family.

Kansai was born in Echigo (present Niigata prefecture). He studied under Igarishi Shummei (1700-81), Kimura Kenkadô (1736-1802), Kushiro Unsen (1759-1811) and studied paintings by I Fukyu (1698- after 1747). Kansai was intimate with both Unsen and Kameda Bôsai (1752-1826).

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