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Oda Kaisen (1785-1862)
Orioles, kôrai uguisu in a willow
Signed: Kaisen
Seals: Ôei Kyokai
Technique: sumi and yellow on paper 128,2 x 51,4
Mounting: azure damask
dark wooden rollers, 186 x 64,8
Box: inscribed
Condition: very good

Kaisen was born in Yamaguchi, but was adopted by a family of dyers in Shimonoseki. He moved to Kyoto when he was 22 and became a pupil of Go Shun (1752-1811), but he also came under the influence of San'yô with whom he traveled to Nagasaki, where he studied Chinese painting for five years. On his return Kaisen joined a group with Chikuden and Uragami Gyokudô (1745-1820). Kaisen created his own style, neither Maruyama-Shijô, nor Nanga, but the townspeople in Kyoto loved it.

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