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Gôjo (1733-1824)
Calligraphy: Take - bamboo
Signed: Zen Daisôjô Gôjo hachijûhachisai sho (88)
Seals: Gôjo, ko ze shi & Tendai shôshû (top)
Technique: sumi on paper 106.7 x 26.5
Date: 1820
Mounting: Light green raw silk
bone rollers, 181 x 36,6

Gôjo entered the Tendai sect at the age of 17. He eventually became daisôjô, the highest achievable rank of the sect, at the Shôkaku-in, the Tendai headquarters on mount Hiei in Kyoto. Gôjo was well versed in both Buddhist scholarship and the rites of esoteric Buddhism and he was known for his calligraphy. According to Addiss only a few works by Gôjo remain.

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