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Okamoto Shûki (1807-1862)
Hawk, taka
Signed: Shûki
Seals: Shûki
Technique: colours on paper 109,2 x 51,5
Mounting: gold decorated green silk and light green silk
black wooden rollers, 198 x 69
Condition: good

Shûki studied under Onishi Keisai (1773-1829). After his master’s death he moved on to Watanabe Kazan (1793-1841). He lived in Edo as a retainer of Lord Ôkubo of Odawara until his later years when he served the Doi clan. Shûki is best known for his kachôga, bird and flower painting. His style resembles that of his teacher Kazan and the work of Tsubaki Chinzan (1801-54).

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