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Kanô Seisen'in (1796-1846) & Yamai Ujioki (1788-1857)(possibly)
Moonlit landscape
Signed: Seisen’in hôin hitsu & Shikô ei
Seals: Nakatsuto hôin
Technique: sumi on paper 100 x 30,3
Mounting: beige raw silk and white crushed paper
lacqueed rollers, 171 x 32,8
Condition: lightly creased & lightly soiled, otherwise very good

The poem, a waka, reads: Ukigumo wa/kaze ni makasete/tsuki hitori/kokoro takaku mo/ suminoborikeri.

The wool packed clouds
Are blown away by the wind
On her own appears
In exalted conscience
The moon high in the sky

Seisen’in (Osanobu) was the eldest son and pupil of Kanô Isen’in (Naganobu) (1774-1828). From the age of fifteen, after his father Seisen’in had become goyô eshi (distinguished painting master) , he frequently worked at Edo Castle. In 1819 he became hôgen and in 1834 hôin. He then began to use the Seisen’in. Seisen’in was the 8th generation of the Kobikichô branch of the Kanô School.

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