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Yamaguchi Sôken (1759-1818) & Kihada Myôan (1745-1821)
Maruyama (Shijô)
Reflecting moon and poem
Signed: Sôken, Ôbaku Myôan nanajûichiô (71) ôjûdai (on request)
Seals: Sôken, Fusai in shin, Kihada Myôan & unread (top)
Technique: sumi and blue on silk 99,7 x 35,4
Date: Autumn 1814
Mounting: blue gold damask and light grey silk
ivory rollers, 187,5 x 48,2
Condition: lightly foxed, otherwise very good

The poem reads:
Threads of haze moisten the green plum trees
Rippling crosses the reflection of the moon
Nature is mild and fresh, and its atmosphere refined
When swaying in profound tranquillity as light partly joins

Sôken was one of Õkyo's ten notable pupils. Before his years with Maruyama Õkyo (1733-1795) he studied with his father, the Maruyama painter Yamaguchi Sôgaku. He was a good painter of kachôga and landscape, but he specialized in bijinga, (women portraits) in Kansai Ukiyô-e style.

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Myôan Fusai was an Ôbaku monk and 26th gen. abbot of the Manpuku-ji at Uji in Kyoto.

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