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Takebe Sôchô (1761-1814)
Day break at Miidera
Signed: Sôchô
Seals: Shôhô
Technique: sumi and pink on paper 103 x 24,8
Mounting: light blue crushed paper and brown paper
wooden rollers, 179,5 x 27,4
Condition: very good

The poem, a haiku reads: Miidera mo horohoro akuru hototogisu.

At the Miidera temple
Little by little the day breaks
With the cuckoo

Sôchô lived in Edo. He learned calligraphy from his father and he studied painting with Bunchô (1763-1840). His later style is close to Buson's (1716-83). Sôchô is considered one of the three great haiku poets of his time. Only a few of his paintings are left, as much was destroyed by fire.

From the Mazuda collection:
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