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Hirai Baisen (1889-1969)
Mountain village
Signed: Baisen sha
Seals: Baisen
Technique: sumi and some light clour on paper 135,2 x 30,2
Date: 1911
Mounting: green crushed paper
bone rollers, 186 x 32,8
Condition: lightly soiled, otherwise very good

Baisen graduated from the Kyoto Municipal School of Arts and Crafts in 1906. Unlike his fellow students he continued his studies independently, but exhibited at the Bunten every year from 1907. In 1913 he travelled to China after which he started to paint "continental scenes". He kept changing his style, but after a bad review in 1927 he stopped participating in exhibitions after 1931. He continued painting the rest of his life continually changing his style, painting in a more colourful palette and in a smaller format.

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