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Shizan Eon (1859-1959)
Signed: Kan’un Kyujûnana (97)
Seals: Kan’un shitsu, Shizan & unread (.. .. kan) (top)
Technique: sumi on paper 25,8 x 47,1
Date: 1956
Mounting: brown purple decorated paper and green paper
black lacquered rollers, 112 x 50,2
Condition: lightly soiled, otherwise good

The inscription reads: Ika korekore, possibly: All there is, is!

Shizan was an activist Zen master who established orphanages as well as meditation halls. During the latter part of his long life, Shizan never handled money even when he travelled, relying instead on the natural charity of human beings to get by. Shizan produced Zen art until his death at age one hundred’ (John Stevens, Zenga Brushstrokes of Enlightenment, New Orleans 1990, # 16 )
Shizan became kanchô (chief abbot) of Hôkô-ji at Shizuoka in 1927. He is considered one of the greatest calligraphers of his time.

Stevens '90 # 16
Moog p. 412
Yamashita (Gitter) # 94

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