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Tsuda Hakuin (1862-1946)
Bamboo in the wind
Signed: Hakuin dôjin
Seals: Unread (the first upside down)
Technique: sumi on paper 33,3 x 55,3
Date: a summers day in 1911
Mounting: beige and green damask and pink silk
dark wooden rollers, 126 x 58,4
Condition: very good

The inscription unread

Tsuda Hakuin was born in Okayama, the son of the abbot of a temple of the True Pure Land sect (Jôdô Shinshû). In 1880, while he was educated to become a monk he studied painting with the Nagasaki-style painter Naritomi Chinoku (1815-1907). During the nine years of his painting studies he visited Tetsuô Somon (1791-1872) and Kinoshita Itsuun (1800-1866) in Nagasaki. He worked as a teacher from 1891-1900 after which he returned to his hometown Kasaoka and founded an orphanage and a school for girls. He raised funds by selling his paintings. The Japanese government often commended him for his social work.

Aburai p. 255

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