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Naitô Tôho (1728-1788)
Signed: Tôho & Ki .. ..
Seals: [Nai]Tô Seisan Tôho in, Jinkentai in, Shigyôuji
Technique: sumi on silk 109,2 x 32,5
Mounting: orange damask and light azure silk
bone rollers, 192 x 44,5
Condition: good

The inscription reads:
Dragons have great fun with clouds and rain
What could stop the damp in heaven
[and waterfalls will keep on falling]

Tôho was born in Nagoya. He studied painting with Kano Sukenobu (Eisen’in II) (1730-90). From 1772 until 1788 he was a Confucian scholar in the service of the Lord of Owari. During this time Tôho wrote a famous book on this domain, the Chōshū zasshi (reprinted in 1975). During the Tenmei famine (1782-87) he donated his income to support the hungry population. Tôho was a friend of Yokoi Yayû (1702-83) who left many inscriptions on Tôho’s works.

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