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Gan Ku (1749-1838)
Signed: Tenkai kutsu
Seals: Ganku Funzen
Technique: sumi on paper 31 x 50,7
Mounting: beige gold brocade and beige silk
lacquered rollers, 116,5 x 64,5
Box: inscribed
Condition: lightly creased, otherwise very good

Gan Ku was the founder of the Kishi School, a combination of Kanô and Nanga interspersed with Shijô elements. During the 19th century the Kishi School was considered one of the most important Kyoto schools.
In view of the fact that Gan Ku ranked high on the rating list of famous people of Kyoto, the Heian jinbutsu shi, Gan Ku must have been a most important painter in Kyoto in the early 19th century.

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