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Uragami Shunkin (1779-1846)
Ki Shunkin okina sansui kakijô - Album of landscapes and flowers by the old man Ki Shunkin:
Signed: Shunkin gakujin Kisen
Seals: Kisen noin, Shunkin koji, .. aihô
Technique: sumi and colours on paper, sumi and colours on paper in blue and grey damask covers 27 x 19,4
Date: 1830 Spring
Condition: good

1. Landscape
2. Orchids and bamboo
3. Pear blossom
4. Blossom
5. Botan, peony
6. Rocky landscape
7. Flowers and a white lilly
8. Lotus flower
9. Flowers
10. Black bird
11. Landscape with birds and fishers
12. White chrysanthemum and monk’s-hood
13. White chrysanthemum and ..
14. Rock and daffodil
15. Bamboo and blossom

Uragami Shunkin was the eldest son and pupil of Uragami Gyokudô (1745-1820), a retainer of the Okayama Shinden clan. When his father left the clan in 1794, Shunkin went with him and for five years they travelled through Japan together.
Shunkin became well acquainted with the sake brewer, bunjin, and collector Kimura Kenkadô (1736-1802). His collection became an important source for Shunkin’s paintings of nature. After Shunkin had settled in Kyoto in 1799, he joined the conservative bunjin group around Rai San’yô (1780-1832) and Shinozaki Shôchiku (1781-1851).
Fukushima (1994); Roberts; Rosenfield; Berry & Morioka (2008)

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