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Nakanishi Kôseki (1807-1884) & Hine Taizan (1813-1869)
A set of 2 albums
Signed: Kôseki dôjin
Seals: Chiku in shi, Kôseki zanbô, Hi Hakunô kore, Kôseki Hisashi, etc.
Technique: sumi and colours on paper 31,4 x 22,8 (2x)
Date: 1865
Box: blue green and gold damask shitsu in box
Condition: fine

1. Houses on a cliff at a bay
2. Plumblossom
3. Houses with willows
4. Orchids
5. Rocks and houses at a river
6. Village at a lake
7. Village at a lake
8. Bamboo
9. Mountain village
10. Crossing the river in a boat
11. White cloud landscape
12. Lotus
13. Overlooking a valley
14. Cabin at a lake
15. Chrysanthemems
16. Pine tree
17. Winter landscape with fisherman

Nakanishi Kôseki was the son of a potter in Ashiya. He studied calligraphy in Osaka with Shinozaki Shôchiku (1781-1851) and painting in Kyoto with Oda Kaisen (1785-1862).
He was a popular painter in the Kansai and considered as famous as Hine Taizan and Maeda Chôdô (1817-1878). He founded his own school.
Kôseki is representative of the transitional period before the development of the Meiji nanga style, not particularly innovative, but with his own characteristic rather blunt execution of the traditional nanga idiom.
Roberts; Araki