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Kawamura Ukoku (1838-1906)
Miscellaneous (bunjin) subjects: Hitsu utabokuju – Long live the brush, poetry and ink
Signed: Kôkei Ukoku Ô[shin]
Seals: Ukoku gasho & Kôkei uji
Technique: sumi on paper, in (worn) blue silk covers 52,3 x 15,6
Date: Spring 1877
Condition: Restored wormage and some stains

1-2.”While drunk I write in big grass script, sobered up I don’t think it is good enough.
Being drunk I also write small standard script, but that looks weird.”

Variant on the opening lines of :”The writing of grass script in a intoxicated by Su Dongbo (1037-1101).
3. pine
4. Orchids
5. Plumblossom and narcissus
6. Bamboo
7. Orchids
8. Bamboo and rock
9. Plumblossom.
10. Chrysantjhemums.
11. Orchids and mushroom.
12. Nanten and narcissus.
13. vase with chrysanthemums and crabs.
14. Homing goose and reeds.
15. Orchids and bamboo.
16. Mountain landscape.
17. Landscape with pavillon.
18. Mushrooms with colophon.

Kawamura Ukoku was the son of a samurai in Niigata where he studied the Chinese classics. When he was about 27, he became a government official in Nagasaki. Here he studied painting with Kinoshita Itsuun (1799-1866) and Hidaka Tetsuô [data?]. After the Meiji restoration, he served as a judge at the Supreme Court until 1898 when he retired to devote himself to his painting. He was one of the founders of the Nihon Nanga Kyôkai.
Roberts; Araki

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