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Mori Kinseki (1843-1921)
Scholars in landscapes: Ichi wannen sui satsu – A bay in smoke and water
Signed: Kinseki Mori Yû, Kinseki,
Seals: multiple
Technique: colours on paper, rebound in bronze damask covers 24,5 x 15,7
Date: Early summer, 1914
Box: lid inscribed
Condition: No box, but just the lid. Rebound, otherwise very good

1. Opening calligraphy: Yûi kansei - Indistinct taste and quiet feelings
2. Calligraphy
3. Fuji and cranes.
4. Man in a pavillon
5. Fisher on a bridge
6. Waterfall and paddy fields
7. Man on a boat
8. Scholar in a landscape
9. Autumn rain
10. Autumn landscape with scholar
11. Scholar at a lake
12. Autumn colours at a lake
13. Clouded mountains
14. Winter scene at a lake

Mori Kinseki was the third son of a ryokan owner. At the age of three he was adopted by Mori Ihei [misschien beter ‘by one Mori Ihei’, een zekere Mori Ihei] who ran a ryokan in Osaka. From 1850 he studied with Kanae Kinjo (1811-1863). After the death of his teacher, he studied Chinese painting and literature until he went to Tokyo in 1873 where he studied Western-style painting with Takahashi Yuichi (1828-1894). In 1875, under the name of Kyosendo, he started a career as a copperplate printer. He kept a correspondence with Chinese literati. In 1883 he founded the Japan Nanga Society and organised the Japan Painting Fair. He became a professor of Chinese arts at the Naniwa Art School in Osaka, and in 1890 an artist of the Imperial Household.
Roberts; Aburai; Araki