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Hattori Sekisen (born 1864)
A set of 2 albums, Kyô miyage - Souvenirs from Kyoto
Signed: Sekisen
Seals: Sekisen
Technique: colours on paper, in blue bronze damask covers 15,3 x 12,2
Date: A late winter’s day, 1903
Condition: restored wormage, otherwise very good

Vol. (first)
1. Temple garden with pond and bridges
2. Temple on an island in the Kamo river
3. Temple ground with torii
4. Temple passage in autumn
5. Girls carrying tea?
6. Night scene, street view
7. Temple entrance Yôkamo ..
8. Myôshin-ji
9. Toys
10. Daimonji Gozan Okuribi
11. Kitano temple
12. Gion festival
13. Playing billiards
14. Mooring a ship
15. Blossoming plum at ..
16. Blossoming plum along the river
17. Yoshitsune

Sekisen was a pupil of Okamura Sekiran (1834-1895).

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