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Tachimatsu Yoshitora (1810-1883)
Sansui - Landscapes
Signed: Yoshitora tôô nanjûsan (73 years old)
Seals: 10 different: Yoshitora Shiharu, Karyô, Insui, Shikô[?]in
Technique: colours on paper, in wooden covers 31,3 x 22
Date: January1882
Condition: Restored wormage, otherwise very good

1. Opening calligraphy Byôyu (Boundless pleasure) and a colophon,
2. Cottage, tree and rocks
3. Village under pines on the shore
4. Village and bamboo
5. Man standing in a boat near rocks
6. Bridge, torii and lantern
7. Man landing in a boat at stairs
8. Landscape with trees and crescent moon
9. Flying cuckoo and trees
10. Rock on the shore
11. Pine and crescent moon
12. Egret on a paddyfield
13. Man burning firewood on the beach
14. Harboured ships
15. Reflections of the moon on the water
16. Mountain and clouds
17. Returning sails to a village on the beach
18. Woman pounding cloth under the moon
19. Stream and maple trees
20. Ox outside his stable
21. Crows in a tree
22. Man on a raft in agust of wind
23. Cottage and pines; men harvesting rice
24. Landscape at Tamba (?)
25. Rock in waves
26. Village under snow
27. Temple island
28. Bonkei Horaizan tray landscape
29. Colophon

Tachimatsu Yoshitora was born in Owari Province. After moving to Kyoto, he studied with Matsumura Keibun (1779-1843).

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