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Niwayama Kôen (1870-1942)
Kachô gajô – Album of flowers and birds
Signed: Kôen
Seals: Kôen
Technique: sumi on paper 24 x 18
Box: pale green silk shitsu
Condition: covers worn by silverfish, otherwise very good

1 White camelia
2 Flowering grass
3 Plum blossom
4 Turnip
5 Rettich
6 Bracken
7 Lily root
8 Wing brush
9 Mount Fuji and sails
10 Turtle
11 Peony
12 Crow
13 Swallow and willow
14 Iris
15 Tree trunck
16 Bat and moon
17 Chrysanthemum
18 Fuji behind mountains and clouds

Niwayama Kôen was born in Hyôgo prefecture. He moved to Osaka to study Maruyama-style painting with Ueda Kôchu (1819-1911). He is a charming painter who produced a large number of painting albums (gajô).
Aburai; Araki

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