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Seisetsu Genjô (1877-1945)
Album with Zen themes, Seiga yûgi - Floating for fun
Signed: Seiga sô, Tenryû Seisetsu
Seals: Reikame sanshû, Seisetsu, Nen .. (top)
Technique: sumi on paper, in green silk covers and brown silk shitsu 24 x 36
Date: on a day in spring, 1937
Box: signed
Condition: near fine

18 double pages of calligraphies and 18 double pages of sumi paintings

Seisetsu Genjô was a painter-priest. He came from a family of sake merchants. He was born on the first day of the first month of the Year of the Ox, and, following local traditions, his parents gave their new-born son to Seki Soshun, a priest at the Tenrin-ji near Tajima in Hyôgo prefecture. Seisetsu started his Zen training at a very early age.
In 1893, seventeen years old, Seisetsu was sent to Kyoto to become an attendant to Gasan Shotei (1853-1900) at the headquarters of the Tenryû-ji, and his training intensified. After Gasan’s death, Seisetsu went to Kobe to establish the sub-temple Tokkô-in, where he remained as an abbot until 1913. Early in 1918 he went to China and in 1922, after his return, he became 240th kanchô (chief abbot) of the Tenryû-ji.
Seisetsu was very much interested in art and would have liked to be a painter. After studying the art collection of the Tenryû-ji, he combined painting with his religious duties.
Seo; Moog

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