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15. Nishiyama Hôen (1804-1867)
View of a village on a bay
Signed: Hôen
Seals: Shitatsu
Technique: sumi & light colours on paper 102,7 x 24,6
Mounting: blue gold damask & sand coloured silk
wooden rollers, 174 x 26,5
Condition: very good

Okamoto Toyohiko (1773-1845) and Matsumura Keibun (1779-1843) were the two leading painters (and painting teachers) in the Maruyama-Shijô style of the 19th century.
Whereas Bunrin (# 16) studied with Toyohiko, Hôen studied with Keibun. Hôen, Bunrin, and their contemporaries Nikka (# 18), Zeshin (# 24) and Mori Ippô (1798-1871) were Shijô painters of the highest rank.

"Hôen, like his teacher, was specialized in kachôga. “He had all the skill in the world in his brush, but a lack of assertiveness or gusto prevented him from exploiting it in such way as to carry us of our feet." Hillier.

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