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22. Watanabe Kiyoshi (1778-1861)
Hakutsuru - White crane
Seals: Kiyoshi
Technique: colours on paper 113 x 37,5
Mounting: green damask and light green silk
199 x 52,5
Box: authorized
Condition: very good

Kiyoshi was born in Nagoya. He came to Kyoto to study KanĂ´ painting with Yoshikawa Hidenobu,. He subsequently studied the Tosa style with Tosa Mitsusada (1738-1806) and Yamato-e with Tanaka Totsugen (1760-1823). He also studied Japanology with Motoori Norinaga (1730-1801) and Uematsu Arinobu, Sinology with Shin Ken and he became an expert on ancient Japanese customs and manners. He developed a delicate individual style.

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