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34. Yoshitsugu Haizan (1846-1915)
Autumn landscape
Signed: Heidai Chinzeiô Haizan
Seals: Haizan Hidarite, Yoshitsuge wa in, Kôzan seifû sankan meigetsu (bottom)
Technique: sumi and pink on satin 172,3 x 54
Date: Summer of 1906
Mounting: bronze damask
ivory rollers, 218 x 71
Box: double box authorized in 1917 by his son Yoshitsugu Kozan († 1958)
Condition: fine

The poem reads:
”In the mountains we looked for herbs and in the water we watched the fish
During times of study I came here to feed me with haze
With friends I studied with. I roamed about for days
And for decades I studied with a good outcome.”

Haizan was the son of a minor Nanga painter from Fukuoka, Kyûshû. In Kyoto he became a pupil of Nakanishi Kôseki (1807-1884). In 1871 he injured his right hand. He trained himself to work with his left and called himself Hidaraite (Left Hand). In 1878 he went to China to study painting. Haizan is not so well-known today, but an important Nanga painter.

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