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35. Yoshitsugu Haizan (1846-1915)
Bringing home a hangover
Signed: Heidai Haizan 
Seals: Kaisei Dokuhi, Haizan, Kin (..)( top) & Kôshi seifu zankan meigetsu (bottom)
Technique: sumi on silk 125 x 41,5
Date: 1907 on a spring day
Mounting: light green silk
black wooden rollers, 186 x 54,5
Condition: water stains and soiled, still in fairly good condition

The poem reads: 李公傾一斗,蘇子是之舊,人世莫如酒,不斟祭舞寥
“Mr Li empties [another] butt
So did Mr. Su before him
In the world of men nothing can be compared to liquor
Without pouring out every party or dance is boring.”

The Qin dynasty Mister Lee and Master Su are characters in a poem by Ruan Ji (210-263)

Haizan was the son of a minor Nanga painter from Fukuoka, Kyûshû. In Kyoto he became a pupil of Nakanishi Kôseki (1807-1884). In 1871 he injured his right hand. He trained himself to work with his left and called himself Hidaraite (Left Hand). In 1878 he went to China to study painting. Haizan is not so well-known today, but an important Nanga painter.

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