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39. Tsuji Kakô (1870-1931)
Manshô no zu - 10 000 pines - Young pines on New Year morning
Signed: Kakô ga
Seals: Kakô
Technique: sumi and red on silk 110 x 41,8
Date: c.1903
Mounting: green damask and light brown silk
ivory rollers, 192,5 x 54,4
Box: signed
Condition: a water stain, some dirt and the top of the mounting a little soiled, still in very good

Kakô was born in Kyoto. His father was a Yûzen textile artisan, who encouraged his son to pursue a career in painting. In 1880 Kakô became a pupil of Kôno Bairei (1844-1895). From 1899 onwards he studied Zen meditation at the Kennin-ji under the Zen master Sôen Mokurai (1854-1930). Zen became quite an important element in his work. He served as director of the Kyoto Municipal School of Fine Arts and Crafts, was a member of the jury for the Teiten and several Kyoto exhibition groups, and up to 1920 was a frequent exhibitor and prizewinner at the Bunten.
Kakô was one of the most important painters of the modern Kyoto school.

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