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41. Matsumiya Hônen (1886-1970)
Sakai harbour
Signed: Hônen
Technique: colours on paper 134 x 66,5
Date: 1921 (on reverse)
Mounting: light blue crushed paper
black wooden rollers, 194 x 79,8
Condition: very good

Sakai near Osaka was the capital of Izumi province. During the middle ages of Japan Sakai was the principal port of Japan, but came in decline after Hideyoshi made Osaka more important.

Hönen studied at the Kyoto art schools and already showed his work at the first Bunten in 1907. In the 1930s he participated in a number of the bi-annual exhibitions of the Seiryûsha, the Blue Dragon association in Tokyo. The Seiryûsha was a platform for modern arts, including film, founded in 1929 by Kawabata Ryûshi (1885-1966) at the Tokyo Prefectural Museum

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