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45. Dômoto Inshô (1891-1975)
Modern Nihonga
Blue bamboo
Signed: Inshô
Seals: Inshô
Technique: Blue and sumi on paper 21,5 x 40,5
Mounting: brown damask and olive green damask
ivory rollers, 123,5 x 54,5
Box: signed
Condition: some light foxing, otherwise fine

Dômoto Inshô was considered Kyoto’s top Nihonga painter of his generation. He was a controversial artist who moved to abstract painting - the first of the Nihonga artists to do so.

Inshô was equally at home in traditional Japanese styles and Western abstract painting. In 1952 Inshô went to Europe, one of the first Nihonga painters to travel abroad after the war. His abstract works shook Japan, but started his career in the Western world with exhibitions in Paris, Turin and New York. He regularly worked for the imperial household and was a member of the Japan Art Academy. In 1961 he received the Order of Culture.

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