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10. Fûgai Honkô (1779-1847)
Bay view with a man on a boat
Signed: Fûgai
Seals: Kôyû
Technique: colours on paper 38,4 x 57,7
Mounting: brown damask and beige silk
dark wooden rollers, 133 x 69,5
Condition: the mounting is aged, soiled and has wormage, otherwise good

When he was four years old Fûgai began his education at a Buddhist monastery of the Sôtô sect. When he was ten, he decided to become a painter. Around the year 1800 studying Buddhism under Genrô Ôryû (1720-1813) at the Ryûmanji he took the name Honkô. As was common among priests Fûgai traveled widely between 1812-1818, in which he also held a number of posts before settling down. After he had become head priest in 1818, he discovered the work of Ike no Taiga and in 1826 he announced he would follow Taiga’s approach to painting.

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