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11. Soga Shôshuku (1st half 17th century) & Jikuan Jôin (1696-1756)
Soga / Ôbaku Zenga
Signed: Soga Shôshuku, Ôbaku Jikuan dai
Seals: Ikko shûsui, Ô nyoze shu, Jikuan
Technique: sumi on paper 103,4 x 25,3
Mounting: purple crushed paper, and light blue crushed paper
black lacquered rollers, 186,5 x 27,6
Condition: aged, holes etc

Inscription by Ôbaku Jikuan: 憶昔對人祝 / 三星壽最高 / 披圖對南極 / 福祿永乾坤。黄檗竺庵題

Inscription by Ôbaku Jikuan:
I think of the past with emotion and make a request:
Longevity is the most respected of the three stars
Therefore I would like to offer an image of the Pole Star*
So that prosperity and wealth will be on earth forever.

* The God of Longevity, Fukurukuyu (Nankyokurōjin), lives on the South Pole.

Shôshuku was an early member of the Soga school of Japanese painting. He is famous for its paintings of birds, especially falcons.

Araki p.1859

Jikuan, abbot of the Manpuku-ji in Uji, was born in China. Around 1723 he travelled from Shanghai to Nagasaki, where he became abbot of the Kofuku-ji. He later moved to the Manpuku-ji.

Moog p. 193

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