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29. Aoki Mokubei (1767-1833)
Landscape with scholars drinking tea
Signed: Rôbei
Seals: Ka .., Ritsuyû Rôbei
Technique: sumi and soft colours on paper 135,6 x 30,8
Date: Early autumn of 1829
Mounting: grey blue beige damask
bone rollers, 201 x 42,5
Box: authorised by Kobayashi Takusai (1831-1916) a pupil of Nukina Kaioku in 1906 and by Kawabata Gyokushô (1842-1913) on the reverse.
Condition: an old tear, otherwise very good

Although in 1796 Mokubei submitted paintings to one of the exhibitions of contemporary art organised twice-yearly by the scholar and artist Minagawa Kien (1734-1807), he was not an active painter until about 1820. It is therefore remarkable that he is now mostly known as a painter. In his own time, however, he was considered one of the great masters of pottery, on a par with Nonomura Ninsei (fl. mid-17th century) and Ogata Kenzan (1663-1743).

Nihon no bijutsu kaiga kinshû Vol. 21
Beerens p. 50
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Kobayashi Takusai (1831-1916) was a pupil of Nukina Kaioku (1778-1863)
Kawabata Gyokushô (1842-1913) was leading Shijô style painter, professor at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts.

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