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38. Hashimoto Dokuzan (1869-1938)
Mountain landscape with scholars in cabins in a valley
Signed: Ryûhô
Seals: Dokuzan, Ryûhô rônô
Technique: colours ion paper 135,2 x 31
Mounting: green gold damask
210 x 43
Box: signed
Condition: very good

Inscription reads: 浄福薩中事便安物分身

A noble fortune: the presence of Buddha in all affairs is the opportunity for peace among children.
Translated by Motoki Sakamoto and Veljko Dujin

Dokuzan (Gengi) received his inka (certificate of enlightenment) from Gazan Shôtei (1853-1900). While practicing Zen under Ryôen Genseki (1842-1918) at the Tenryû-ji, he studied painting with Tomioka Tessai (1836-1924).
He became the abbot of Rokuô-in in 1900. He was a Zen master at the Nanshu-ji monastery in Sakai, and in 1910 moved to the Shôkokuji. He became the chief abbot of the Shôkoku-ji and its branch temples. He retired at the Rokuô-in in 1921. Still in 1927 he founded the Nan'en-ji in Tottori Prefecture.

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