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45. Hijiya Bunkei (1899-1951)
Modern Nanga
Suiteki, playing the flute
Signed: Bunkei sha
Seals: Bunkei
Technique: sumi and a touch of pink on paper 51,8 x 59,7
Mounting: brown damask and beige silk
blue anmd white porcelain rollers, 148 x 75,3
Box: signed
Condition: very good

Bunkei was an independent modern literati painter and haiku poet who lived and worked in Osaka. He studied with Himejima Chikugai (1840-1928) for more than ten years, and travelled to China and Korea where he found his style in the works of early Qing individualists. He had annual exhibitions at the Takashimaya department store, whose president was a collector of his work. Bunkei had a small group of passionate collectors.

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