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48. Yamamoto Shunkyo (1871-1933)
Snow-covered pine
Signed: Shunkyo
Seals: Morigaku manzôgetsu chûjin
Technique: colours on silk 104,7 x 41,7
Mounting: blue gold damask and pink light grey damask
ivoryivory rollers, 205 x 56,4
Box: signed double box
Condition: fine

Shunkyo was born in Shiga prefecture. In 1885, he became a pupil of Mori Kansai (1814-1894). He also studied photography and yoga, Western-style oil painting. Together with Tsuji Kakô (1870-1931) , he worked at the Takashimaya department store, creating designs for export textiles. For a long time he was as popular as Takeuchi Seihô (1864-1942). Shunkyo was a a teacher at the Kyoto Municipal School of Arts and the Kyoto Municipal Special school of Painting and a member of the jury for the first Bunten exhibition in 1907.

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