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56. Yamada Mumon (1900-1988)
Rinzai Zenga
Yama wa yo banzai no koe, The very mountains shout “Hurray!”
Signed: -
Seals: Taishitsu dôjin, Mumon
Technique: sumi on paper 33 x 45
Mounting: olive greenand grey damask and beige silk
125 x 58,6
Box: authorised by: Shigetsu Kandô 指月 寛道
Condition: Stains and foxing at the top of the mounting,otherwise good

The inscription reads: 山呼萬歳聲

Yama wa yo banzai no koe, The very mountains shout out “Hurray!” (Lewis 5-86)
May you live for 10.000 years,

Mumon (Taishitsu) studied law in his youth, but was converted to the Buddhist life by a Confucian dictum: “Rather than becoming a lawyer, create a world where there is no need for courts.” In 1949 he became the president of Hanazono College and later he established the Institute of Zen Culture. He was elected chief abbot of Myôshin-ji in 1978.
During the 1960s Mumon travelled to several Southeast Asian countries to apologise for the war dead. He also visited the USA and Europe. He was one of the most famous masters of the Rinzai sect in the 20th century.

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