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57. Shimizu Kôshô (1911-1999)
Rinzai Zenga
Jukai, Ocean of longevity
Signed: Tôdaiji Kôshô
Seals: Tôdai chôrô, Kôshô, Kagon nimai (tp)
Technique: sumi on paper 134,5 x 63,4
Mounting: brown damask
negoro lacquered rollers, 205 x 77,2
Box: signed
Condition: fine

Shimizu Kôshô was born in the famous castle town of Himeji. In 1927 he entered the Tôdai-ji in Nara. In 1947 he became director of its high school, in 1959 director of the monastic academy, and in 1963 director of the girls school and the kindergarten. In 1969 he was appointed Head of Religious Affairs of the Kegon Tradition and in 1975 he was chosen as abbot of Tôdai-ji. He remained in this position for only a short time, resigning in 1981. The last eighteen years of his life, Shimizu Kôshô dedicated his life to art.

Kosho was a unique and prolific artist-priest studied in the eccentric painting style associated with Nara. He worked in various media, refusing to be defined, and his work is as eccentric as it is unique, and highly sought in Japan.

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