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Yokoyama Seiki (1792-1864)
Broom and scroll, Kanzan and Jittoku, Han Shan and Shih-te
Signed: Seiki
Seals: Seiki
Technique: sumi on paper 125,4 x 28,6
Mounting: liver coloured damask and bronze raw silk
wooden rollers, 202,5 x 28,6
Box: Inscribed
Condition: Very good

Kanzan was a mountain recluse or hermit in the Daoist tradition. Jittoku was a foster child in the care of a nearby Buddhist monastery on Mt. Tendai in China during the Tang dynasty (618-907). Here he swept the kitchen floors as did other odd jobs. The two are a pair of Zen eccentrics. They spoke to each other in a nonsense language that no one else understood. They usually are depicted wearing simple, rough clothing, and often with odd facial features. Here just as a scroll tied to a broom.

Seiki is considered to have been the best pupil of Matsumura Keibun (1780-1844). His landscapes though show much influence of Okamura Toyohiko's (1773-1845). The best of both assembled in one.

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