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Fukui Kôtei (1865-1937)
Shijô (Nihonga)
Kôraikiji, Red-necked pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) flying over an icy waterfall
Signed: Kôtei
Seals: Fukui no in, Kôtei
Technique: sumi and a few colours on silk 95,8 x 31,2
Mounting: beige raw silk
dark wooden rollers, 165,5 x 42,4
Condition: very good

Kôtei was born in Tokyo. In 1878 he started artistic training, which he continued by studying western water colour painting with Oguri Shûichi (dates unknown)< Nanga painting with Taki Katei ((1830-1901) and in 1184 he became a pupil f Kawabata Gyokusho (1842-1913). He was a winner of many prizes at a large number of diffenerent shows, even internationally (Venice in 1897). He was one of the founders of the Musekai, the Voiceless Society, Their aim to enrich Japanese painting with foreign painting techniques. In 1916 he started a five year trip to China and Korea.

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