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Nishimura Nantei (1775-1834)
Maruyama Shijô
Snow landscape
Signed: Nantei
Seals: Yôshô
Technique: sumi and light colours on silk 40.6 x 65.6
Mounting: light blue silk
black lacquered rollers, 109.5 x 69
Box: inscribed
Condition: some light wormage, otherwise good

Nantei lived in Kyôto, as well as in Osaka. In the long run he acquired his own studio at Shijô-Muromachi. He had been a pupil of Maruyama Õkyo (1733-1795), but he was much influenced by Go Shun (1752-1811).
Nantei was an important member of the Maruyama School in the post-Õkyo period.

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