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Fujimori Koan (1799-1862)
Winter landscape
Signed: Koan yûjin giboku
Seals: Unread, Tenzan
Technique: sumi on paper 125,7 x 47,8
Date: 1859
Mounting: (green) bronze damask
ivory rollers, 200 x 65
Box: double box authorized in 1918 by Rai Kiyoshi (Kayô)
Condition: very good

In the house buried in deep snow
a foot prints on my path
sitting comfortably
and drink to forget the time.

Koan was the son of a confucian scholar in the service of the Ono fief. He succeeded the position of his father in the service of the Ono fief. He was a known painter and a respected bunjin in Edo.

Araki p. 520

Kayô, Rai Kiyoshi (1860-1929). He was the grandson of Rai San’yô, the oldest son of Rai Shiho (1823-1889), who as the second son of Rai San'yo.