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Irie Shikai (1862-1940)
Modern Nanga
Shintô temple in the snow
Signed: Shikai, Eshû
Seals: Shikai
Technique: colours on paper 68,5 x 17,2
Date: Januari 1931
Mounting: light brown silk and dark brown silk
bone rollers, 146,5 x 23,8
Condition: very good

Shikai was born in Tsukushi, Fukuoka Prefecture. He studied with the famous Fukuoka Nanga painter Yoshitsugu Haizan (1846-1915).
Irie Shikai is generally considered to have belonged to the group of painters that is now often referred to as "New Nanga". A better-known representative is his contemporary Fukuda Kodôjin (1865-1944). The "New Nanga" painters did not submit paintings to the well-known government exhibitions, but they went their own individual ways.
Irie Shikai is known to have been involved with the ultranationalist politician Mitsuru Tôyama (1855-1944), but this involvement was fairly short-lived and he soon returned to painting and calligraphy. His style is sometimes compared to that of Tanomura Chikuden (1777-1835).

Berry ‘01 # 61
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