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Nagazawa Rosetsu (1754-1799) & Komai Genki (1747-1797)
The three friends of winter with symbols symbols of a New Year: Crane and bamboo, Pine shoots and New Years’ sun, Turtles and plum
Signed: Rosetsu, Genki sha
Seals: Gyô, Genki noin
Technique: sumi and little colour on paper 90.8 x 28.6
Mounting: green and grey gold brocade and beige silk
ivory rollers, 175 x 41.2
Box: inscribed
Condition: a little soiled and a few creases, otherwise good

Little is known about Rosetsu’s life and most of it is uncertain because he didn’t become old enough to have other people confirm any of the (juicy) stories. Rosetsu was an important painter, an eccentric with a highly individual style, which in some cases turned completely uninhibited at the end of his life.

Originally he was a scion from the Maruyama School. He was expelled from Õkyo's school due to insubordination to his teacher. Rosetsu started his own studio in 1781, after which Õkyo still supported him and recommended him to possible patrons. On a number of commissions the two still collaborated. Rosetsu also studied Zenga under Dokushû Reitai (died 1798), a pupil of Hakuin.

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Genki was one of Maruyama Okyo's earliest pupils and one of his ten favorites, a painter of landscapes and kachôga and Chinese style bijinga. Although he had the potential, he didn't get old enough to grow out as an important painter.

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